Pièces détachées pour baignoires balnéo et cabines de douche.

FRANCEPOOL – BALNEO offers individuals and professionals, troubleshooting and online sales of various spare parts for whirlpool baths of origin, or can substitute for brands SIREM - ASD - EMBRUNS - EMBRUNS 2 - STRATOS - ROLEX - NEOMEDIAM - JACOB DELAFON - AQUAMARINE - APAL - ALLIA - HYDRO AZUL - TECHNOPLAST - POLYROC - SANITEC - SWISSPOOL - PANDA - XWATER - CAP BLUE - ESPAIS AQUATICS - AQUAMASS - MASSOR - BANACRIL - FAS - LAITROGE - ORIANE -  ALLIBERT - KOLLER - HOESCH - JEDO - TECHNIQUE ET SEDUCTION - TES - TES HYDRO - TSB - SODALEC - SANINDUSA  - SUCAL - SELLES etc. . .

Our commitment is to offer you a wide range of products that can easily replace a part, a system that has failed or can not be found nowadays under the best conditions
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Shower accessories

Shower heads - Special hoses - Suction soap dish - Shower head holder - Pumice stone ...

Suction pump water

Suction strainer in ABS, for 50 mm tube to be glued. Equipped with a water pump safety valve in case of obstruction. Clipped and removable trim for easy maintenance.

Control Buttons

Boutons pneumatique et venturi

Pneumatic knob for starting or stopping an engine equipped with a pneumatic contactor. Adjustment of the air intake in the water circuit by the action of the venturi button.

ASD - SIREM blowers

Blowers ASD - SIREM high power for horizontal or vertical installation. Ultra silent. For banéo baths, SPA, swimming pool. SIREM - ASD - METRAX - MASSOR

Cards and electronic modules

Basic functions. Alternate functions. Chromotherapy functions. Multiple functions. Functions massage programs FITNESS - TONIC - RELAX and chromotherapy ...

Electronic keyboards

The electronic keyboard allows the complete management of different balneo systems. Insensitive to splashing water. From the simplest to the most complete, the main functions are grouped on this one ...

Pneumatic switches

Also called presostat ) Linked to a pneumatic button, they allow to start or stop a WATER pump or a blower.
2 pneumatic contactors and 2 different functions. - ON / OFF or pulse.

Water level detectors

Connected to the electronic card, this device prevents the operation of the whirlpool systems in case of absence or insufficient level of water required in the bathtub. Some are preset at the factory.

Bindings of aprons

Attaches tabliers baignoires SWISSPOOL

SWISSPOOL-BALNEO Bath Deck Fasteners

Shower Hose

Shower hose for installation on the edge of the bathtub or tiled floor with recessed suport.
2 existing models:
- 15 x 21 (1/2) Female Tapered - Reduced 12 x 17 (3/8) Female
- 15 x 21 (1/2) Female conical - Reduced M15 x 100 male

SIREM Pump Seals

Sealing inserts (or SPI seal) for SIREM pumps - Series H - K - L, isolate the hydraulic unit (suction flange, impeller, discharge flange) from the motor.
It is advisable in case of significant deterioration of the packing to also change the turbine.

Jets air for Whirlpool

Air jets for bath tubs and hubcaps.
Body in unalterable ABS. Chrome or white front. O-ring seal or silicone dish. Balls anti return. Diffusion of the bubbles through the 7 holes of the hubcap and laterally. Different diameters and thread lengths are available.


WATER / AIR jets in ABS for whirlpool baths.
Front facades, chrome or white.
Adjustable models, adjustable and adjustable models in flow. To stick or to crimp.

Replacement electronic kits

These complete electronic replacement kits for whirlpool tubs, allow you to equip your bathtub, replace a faulty system or not found.

Air nurse

The air distributor or nanny, is the interface between the air motor and air jets.16 or 32 outlets clogged, to release with a drill of 4 mm according to your needs. To be cuffed and glued on a 32 mm tube. Outputs for quick coupling 8mm diameter.

SIREM WATER PUMPS - ASD - xwater - Massor - KOLLER ...

SIREM - ASD - KOLLER whirlpool pumps: Polypropylene pump body.
Capacitor integrated in the terminal box. Electronically or pneumatically controlled. Patented turbine (more flow with less consumption). Single-phase, bi-speeds, multi-speed, three-phase ..

AIR quick couplings

Quick installation without tools by fitting the 6/8 tube, the air nipple or the air jet. Disassembly and reassembly easy without alteration. Excellent resistance to high pressures. Polymeric material

Water heaters

The heater, allows heating and maintaining the temperature of the bath water.
Equipped with a graduated adjustable thermostat and built-in thermal protection.

Led spotlights

Spots chromothérapie à led's. Forte luminosité. Couleurs de base : BLEU - ROUGE - JAUNE - VERT. Fondue enchainée des couleurs. Pose sur la couleur de son choix en fonction de la version électronique de votre carte.

Balneo remote controls

Totally waterproof remote controls. SWISSPOOL - PANDA - MASSOR NEOMEDIAM - JACOB DELAFON - EMBRUNS, ALLIA, POLYROC, etc ...
They provide access to primary and secondary functions such as FITNESS - TONIC - RELAX programs.

Tubes and various hoses

Tubes and pipes to be glued or nested for air jets, pneumatic buttons, pneumatic contactors, pumps, blowers, from 3 to 50 mm.

Turbines for pumps SIREM

Turbines for SIREM pumps of the series - H - K - L - XWATER - AQUAMARINE - CAPBLUE, etc ...
The HOSTAFORM material gives it greater resistance to mechanical stresses and fluids. (Patented Turbine - More Power with Less Consumption)

Special and various empties

Emptying and suctioning of the WATER pump through the spa drain.
Various spare parts for whirlpool baths.

Services in workshop

Set here the services performed in the workshop, your return of repaired products, etc ...

Only French Professionals

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Spare parts and products of the brand MASSOR


Products from the KOLLER range



Disinfectant and degreasing action product. Based on active oxygen and silver. For all Balneo systems.


BALNEO MILK from CAMYLLE laboratories. An emulsion of essential oils 100% pure and natural to make the balneo bath the instrument of a real cure of well being.


Relax in your bathtub with this luxury pillow and extend the bathing break.